Alfonso Carey, bassist – Sammy Davis Jr.; Alice Cooper; The Village People; The Richie Family; Luther Vandross; The Duncan Sisters; Patti Labelle and many others.

   I have been playing bass for over 30 years and have been around the world four times. I recorded over 90 albums of which 40 were hit albums. I always played a Fender Precision and owned an Alembic, a Stewart Specter, a Carl Thompson, a Music Man, a Tobias and a Steinberger. Now the Petrounov JC is my choice for bass. This is an incredible instrument. The harp-like shape of the body gives it a special transparent tone, like an upright bass, and the variation of sound that you can get from the three-way switch is phenomenal. Trust me, bass is what I do and from the bottom of my heart I believe the PJC Bass is the best I've played in all of my professional years. My advice to you – try it and you'll like it!"

Jamba, bassist, producer, artist – Donna Summer; Jaci Velasquez; Ryan Leslie

   The Petrounov Bass is one of the most exquisite instruments I have ever laid hands on. Its versatility of tone, dynamic range, and unbelievable playability make you feel like you are flying up and down the neck. It is so easy to play-it brings out my innermost musicality as soon as I get my hands on it-every time."

Derek Philip Jones, bassist – Jerry Douglas; Crystal Gayle; Johnny Neal; Jeff Sipe; The Mike Marshal/Darol Anger Band; The Pete Escovedo Orchestra; Sheila E.; Dori Cymmi; Marcos Silva; Paul McCandless; Will Kennedy; David Grissman; Paul Hanson; Nickel Creek; Craig Chaquico; Ray Obiedo; Chester Thompson; Jack Perla; Zakir Hussain; David Garibaldi; Steve Smith; Kai Eckhardt; Jeff Coffin; Ramblin' Jack Elliot; Orestes Vilato; Tony Furtado; Rob Ickles and many others.

   The Petrounov JC 5-string bass is a joy to play. The body combines beauty, artistry, craftsmanship and ergonomic sensibility not seen in the bass world before. The 5-string neck is the most comfortable I've ever played. The combination of the 4-coil custom magnetic and Piezo pickups delivers fantastic tonal varieties. The preamp is clean and adds in the tonal versatility of this wonderful instrument. It's hard to stop playing this bass. From the very first notes you play, you will feel the love and passion of the bassist who created it. I highly recommend this bass to anyone looking to improve their playing and their tone."

Douglas Datwyler, studio guitarist – formerly with The Commodores.

   The Petrounov JC Guitar is the new generation in guitar design. Not since the Steinberger has there been such a radical style in the shape of guitars. I love the way this guitar fits my body. It feels great in my hands. The versatility in tonality provides for the possibility of extremely fat to silky thin tones. Simple put: I love this guitar!"

Steve Wilkinson, guitarist.

   Dear Alex, I just want to thank you for creating the Petrounov JC Guitar. Everywhere I go people want to know what kind of guitar it is. I have owned Gibson guitars since I started playing over 25 years ago. One of the reasons I played Gibsons was because of their necks. But the PJC is the perfect guitar. It has incredible sustain. I get a great, clean sound where the notes just sit there and a nice overdrive tone too. I have gotten so many different tone combinations that I still haven't really decided which ones I like the best. This guitar is a thing of beauty. A truly unique design combined with fine craftsmanship. I also appreciate its light weight. I know many guitarists who would like to be playing your guitar. Thank you for your vision with the PJC."

Galo Rivera, guitarist – GR Music; Santana Tribute.

   Alex, I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the Petrounov JC Guitar. The finish is excellent, even on the very small details that other manufacturers seem to overlook. The sound and tone are excellent. I was able to play all kinds of different music styles. The guitar looks great and plays wonderfully."

Bill Rabon, bassist – Santana Tribute.

   I bought my Petrounov JC Bass about six months ago. I can't say enough good things about this wonderful instrument. It is the perfect combination of beauty and playability. The woods of this bass are absolutely gorgeous. You are really able to dial-up almost any sound you are looking for in an instant. I am especially fond of the Piezo pickup on this bass. I can really get a great upright sound out of it. In my opinion, you truly could not own a better instrument."

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